Sunday, February 12, 2017

My Facebook Education and My Political Views

Most of what I know about politics, I learned by reading people's political posts on Facebook. There are some really good political debates on Facebook. I'm talking about those debates where people call each other idiots and motherfuckers. Those are very informative. That's why I read Facebook instead of actual books.

So, here's what I've learned about politics via Facebook. Republicans are the party where the official policy is that you want to lower taxes, and the unofficial policy is that you don't want your daughter to marry a black guy. As for Democrats, they're the ones who like to recycle stuff, and they also like it when Mexicans take everyone's job. And then there are those third party people, who are focused in on legalizing PCP and prostitution.

In other words, I think Republicans, Democrats, and third party people are morons.
Anyways, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Rodney Ohebsion, fourth party candidate for President of the United States. And not just any United States. I'm talking about the United States of America. That's the main one. I'm exactly what this country needs. I have a lot of views on a lot of issues. For instance, the economy. I'm going to make the economy better. Much better. I'm also gonna reform energy, so that gas goes down to ten cents a gallon, and electricity goes down to three cents a gallon.

But to me, issues like that are secondary. Here's the main problem facing America today. Here's what it comes down to. Motherfuckas be trippin--you know what I'm saying? What we really need to do is get motherfuckas to stop trippin. Changing taxes ain't gonna get motherfuckas to stop trippin.